The Complete Calisthenics and Weights Training Guide ➤ Build STRENGTH & LEAN DENSE MUSCLE ➤ Unlock the Muscle Up and Calisthenics training ➤ Gain CONFIDENCE Suitable for Lifters with 6+ months of weights training & minimal Calisthenics training.

Plan Includes

  • Access to MEMBERS only Training App

  • Video Demonstrations of every session and exercise

  • Integrated LEVELS system to help you learn and unlock Calisthenics skills

  • Alternative exercises to suit your equipment

  • Nutrition Tracking

  • Meal + Recipe Books

  • Dedicated Skills Masterclass

  • Ab Workouts

  • Tips to IMMEDIATELY make you look better from my 5+ years experience as a Fitness Model

How it works

  • SIGN UP to gain access to the Cali Studio app Purchase
  • Train 3-6 Sessions per week at the gym
  • Training Notes and Videos - giving you the important cues for each workout
  • Nutrition tracking and guidance in the app.
  • Log your progress inside the App
  • Achieve a level of fitness you may never thought possible.



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